We arrived to our homestay community with bags of rice

Anne Marie has her meals at the churches but it’s almost a full time occupation just keeping track of the various days and times and places the meals are served. Yukon, who lives in his vehicle, goes to church meals when he can but he’s taking a computer class which meets at meal times so he has to buy food, but junk food is pretty much all that’s available. A look at food outlets in Alameda county finds 53% are fast food restaurants, 30% convenience stores, 13% supermarkets, only 4% are produce stores or farmers markets.

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replica hermes bags For me, this understanding of international economic injustice didn’t come from a presentation; it came from a homestay experience in El Regadio, a farm town of just a few thousand people. El Regadio is situated in the hills a few hours away from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. We arrived to our homestay community with bags of rice, beans Replica Hermes Handbags, vegetables and jugs of water to give to host families in exchange for supporting us. replica hermes bags

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